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When serving the food in your party, you'll often find that it's hard to serve it all in porcelain, so the reality is that we often opt for single use plastic tableware, cutlery and glasses. If that is the case, and a more sustainable alternative is not an option, then we highly recommend the brand Repurpose. Their motto is: "Single-use does not need to be trash!"

They use renewable, upcycled materials to create all products. All of their materials are completely non-toxic – meaning they’re free of PFAS, BPA, and all those other scary household toxins. As you fill your cart, they calculate your plastic-free footprint and our environmental impact with each placed order.

Unlike plastic single-use items, Repurpose wine, cocktail and cold cups, plates and assorted cuttlery aren’t designed to end up in landfill or our oceans, which is why they are compostable! If composting isn’t your thing, rest assured that the waste still have a tremendously lower impact on our planet in comparison to toxic plastic, and they will degrade over time. More party - less landfill!

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