About Brand

Ripple Yoga Wear is an ethical brand of yoga clothes designed specifically for those who practice yoga and pilates.
The activewear performs supporting your concentration on breathing, motion and strength rather than on the inevitable flaws of our body. Ripple yoga is mindful of all body types, sizes and styles to fit us all. Functional in essence. Flexible to changes. Fabulous in style.
At the core of Ripple Yoga Wear is the high quality fabrics used, like Modal, cotton, and viscose. They breathe with you, on and off the mat. All of the fabrics are plant-based, natural, sustainable, durable, and toxin-free, and they all conform to the highest European standards. Their Organic Cotton line is GOTS certified which ensures fabric quality, and environmentally friendly production processes, and high social criteria pertaining to labor conditions.
The brand strives for sustainability and seeks to minimize their carbon footprint by manufacturing locally, reusing and recycling all of our byproducts, using vegan, non-toxic dyes in their dying process and packing their products in lovely reusable fabric bags.

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