About Brand

Robin Wood makes sunglasses and watches out of eco-responsible materials.
The minimalist design is emphasized by the natural textures of bamboo and cork. The materials used and the hand-made workmanship give each of Robin Wood's products an individual character. Naturally friendly to people and the environment, Robin Wood uses raw materials that come from sustainable farming.
When creating and developing Robin Wood were inspired and motivated by every trip, documentary, the art world, conversations with extraordinary people and seemingly random images which made us think differently. When visiting different places around the world, we were in awe at the wonders of nature, and felt anxiety when looking at the landscapes degraded by humans.
For this Robin Wood only uses ecological materials, but also supports environmentally friendly activities, including. incl. tree planting, caring for horses or treatment of ancient trees. In these activities, the experience, help and constant positive energy of their partner Klub Gaja (a non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental protection and animal rights in Poland).

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