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Saathi pads are the first biodegradable menstrual pads made of banana fibre. This Indian-based brand is a biodegradable eco-friendly solution for plastic-free periods.
Saathi pads started to solve two huge problems in India: the plastic waste along with the absence of a garbage system, as well as the lack of access to women’s to menstrual products.
The primary product of these sustainable. biodegradable pads is banana-tree fibre. Because it is a locally sourced material that would otherwise go to waste, Saathi also generates new revenue for area banana farmers. Unlike most commercial pads, Saathi’s are not bleached or treated with chemicals like chloroform and styrene, which are suspected carcinogens.
Saathi runs workshops in India, where rhe main focus is to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene & sustainable menstruation; these events provide a platform for an open discussion about these topics which remain taboo.

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Sustainable biodegradable pads solving the biggest problems in India

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