About Brand

Saffron, a spice prized for its golden hue and delicate aroma, is considered the ultimate garnish in Indian cuisine. Likewise, the marigold flower is a revered offering in India. As Saffron Marigold, we hope our collections add that special touch and become valued treasures in your home.

Block print linens that feed your sense of wanderlust 
Wherever you’ve been–or wherever you wish to go–we have a print to take you there! Our block print linens carry within their folds wondrous tales inspired by faraway places and natural beauty. From lotuses floating in temple ponds to the splendor of palace gardens, you can experience the world right from your own home.

Fair trade block print linens at a fair value
You won’t find any go-betweens or store markups here. From design to delivery, we do everything in-house so you can purchase handcrafted block print linens for a fair price.

Purchases that create a positive change
Making a Saffron Marigold purchase makes a positive impact that reverberates worldwide. Our artisans gain meaningful employment and fair wages, and our apprentices safeguard this time-honored craft for another generation. We believe this legacy keeps our homes connected, beautiful, and authentic.

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