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Undies or activewear ethically and sustainably made from FSC sourced eucalyptus trees got you feeling “saintly”? We thought so.
Saint Basics is not only the Netherlands’ first sustainable basics brand but they’re super cute and, from the looks of it, super comfortable! In addition to being moisture controlling and bacteria inhibitory, these underwear are made with love in Portugal in a happy, safe and healthy working environment. The underwear come in various colors and styles for both women and men.
More than 10 years ago Saint Basics went on a mission for 'cleaner underwear'. Not to make a profit, but to provide you with feel-good basics that you can really love. And meanwhile change the textile industry a little bit from within.
This brand now make the softest basics from natural substances such as eucalyptus. Nice fit, anti-odor, no abrasive labels. About 95% more environmentally-friendly than regular products. And 100% free from pesticides, sweatshops, child labor and unfair trade.
So be a Saint too. Start your day feeling good about who you are, what you look like and the choices you make. “And help us spread that feeling. Together we make the world a bit nicer and nicer ... from the bottom-up!”

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