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The selection available at Sarah's Silks include colored playsilks, which come in solid, enchanted, Earth-tone and many other palettes, dress-up playsilks, like mermaid tails and knight costumes, and playsilks for babies.
Sarah's Silks also brings a collection of simple wooden toys that can be combined with playsilks for even greater imaginative reach. The ways you can use Playsilks for imagination play are virtually unlimited — which is why they highlight plenty of ideas and projects in their Journal to help you get started.
The collection of dress-ups, toys and baby blankets are 8 mm which is heavier weight silk, but still comfortable and breathable for little ones. Their silk is Habotai, an ancient product from China. They support the process of silk making because silk is biodegradable and, unlike most other fabrics, its production is actually good for the environment when done right! Silk caterpillars eat mulberry leaves so farms have to grow lots of trees to produce silk, and the caterpillars are fed by hand on family farms.
Pesticides or chemicals cannot be used while making silk, because the caterpillars are very sensitive, which means that the finished product is 100% natural. Silk making is an ancient tradition that is indigenous to China, and is still an important and celebrated process in Chinese culture today.
They have had the pleasure of visiting the facilities where their silks are made, and meeting the skilled people who hand dye and hem Sara Silk’s products in the village of Souzhou. Over the past twenty-five years the brand hase cultivated positive working relationships with silk manufacturers in China, and they continue to feel positively about working with them and are confident that the individuals producing their products are being paid a fair and competitive wage.

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