About Brand

The Sew Heart Felt Collection brings a collection of handmade felt slippers, tiny animals, and rugs for children. It is designed in England and skilfully hand made by women across the world, using local traditional crafts using organic fibres and eco friendly pigments.
The world’s a small place nowadays and it’s nice to know that Sew Heart Felt is doing its bit to break down barriers and join people together. Every piece of handmade felt in our collection starts life as a drawing on a farmhouse table in leafy Oxfordshire – created by award-winning designer Sonia Spencer.
Every single Sew Heart Felt piece is unique. And before it leaves the workshop, it gets a hand sewn label, is adorned with ribbons and is packaged in organic cotton, pull string bags – also hand crafted using local cotton in Nepal. So, a truly international business embracing England, Switzerland, Nepal, New Zealand and India, with families and friends working together at every step of the way. That’s the Sew Heart Felt journey.

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