About Brand

SLOACTIVE is a sustainable and luxury oceanwear brand dedicated to cleaning up our oceans.
Born in New Zealand, designed in London and made in Italy. Founder, Janaya Wilkins, grew up in New Zealand around surfing and exploring the endless stretches of beaches. Janaya has loved the ocean since before she could walk, and from a young age, developed deep concerns for marine conservation. Always on the lookout for beautifully made, feminine, well-cut swimwear, Janaya started sketching her designs in her teen years – and they have finally come to life.
As advocates for clean, healthy oceans, SLOACTIVE strives to minimise environmental footprint throughout their entire production and supply chain, from the Earth to Ocean. Every piece in their Clean Lines collection is made using the most cutting edge material, FSC certified Yulex Pure, a plant-based alternative to conventional, non-renewable neoprene which is derived from petroleum or limestone, therefore a product of mining or drilling.
SLOACTIVE has a strong personal relationships with the people who make their garments, and who abide by ethical manufacturing processes, causing minimal harm to the environment. Furthermore, the brand has a ‘mend’ approach means that their customers can enjoy an extended life of their oceanwear by sending any damaged pieces back to be fixed free of charge; or simply return your garments when you’re no longer using them and they will recycle them.
Every time you buy, SLOACTIVE donates to one of the ocean charity partners of your choice. They also plant one mangrove tree for every piece made with SeaTrees.

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