About Brand

Sombra Mezcal is a truly handcrafted spirit that respects the traditions of Oaxaca, while elevating production methods to be sustainable and responsible for the local environment and local economy.
The brand's eco-friendly distillery blends artisanal traditions with modern sustainability. Sombra Mezcal is made from Espadín agave, hand-harvested on the steep slopes of the Oaxacan Sierra.
The agave hearts are buried in an earthen pit where they slowly roast over hot rocks. The agave are then crushed by a mechanical limestone tahona, fermented with only native yeast, and expertly distilled. The byproducts of the distillation are then upcycled into adobe bricks to rebuild earthquake damaged homes.
The brand purchases fair-trade agave and have long-term relationships with local farmers. All of the bottles are hand blown from recycled glass found in Mexico making every bottle truly unique. The labels peel off easily to be ready for your homemade juices, syrups, water or whatever your heart desires.

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