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Welcome to the sunny side. With the SONNENGLAS® you generate light for a lifetime in a sustainable, environmentally conscious and very individual way.
The principle of this solar lamp is simple and downright ingenious: the SONNENGLAS stores energy during the day, which it emits again at night in the form of light. This method of light generation represents an easy way to live in an environmentally conscious way and is simply fun.
The SONNENGLAS is ideal as a solar lantern, garden lamp , for the romantically set table, barbecue parties, camping, for decoration, for outdoor dining ... simply for all outdoor activities where you want to create a cozy, idyllic evening mood after sunset.
The product is equipped with LEDs that are charged via a solar solar module in the lid. If you put it in the sun, the integrated battery will be charged and the LEDs will give off soft and bright light for many hours.
This product is mostly made by hand and is ethically-made under fair trade working conditions in South Africa. In fact, it was developed as a full light source for people in areas without power supply. SONNENGLAS ® production has so far created over 65 full-time jobs for previously unemployed men and women from Alexandra and Soweto; they mostly make it by hand.

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