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Find your next delicious beer, cider or hard lemonade by Sparkke, a female alcohol company producing organic and vegan brews.
Sparkke has gained its position of the beverage for activists & changemakers. This brand represents many causes and a wide diversity of people. It’s an activist beverage that wants to see a change in the hottest topics: gender equality, sexual consent, a shelter for the refugees, supporting Aboriginals in Australia, respecting mother Earth and standing by the gay marriage.
Sparkke exists to represent universal fairness, social equity, and inclusion, and they express it through the product design as well as across the supply chain. It is a team of young social activists representing diverse orientations, cultures, and backgrounds, who are are disrupting a 4 billion dollar a year beer industry that is male-dominated.
Since started, Sparkke has donated $116,000 in-value, in-kind and in financial support. They also partner with organisations to raise awareness on issues and to generate funds for some much needed financial support. Because really, it's well past time to #SPARKKECHANGE.

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