About Brand

Stella McCartney is an ethically-made clothing brand pioneering the sustainable luxury fashion movement.
Worldwide known designer Stella, her label won’t compromise on quality, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies to create an on-trend brand that is as stylish as it is sustainable.
Some of the materials featured in her collections are re-engineered cashmere & silk, fibres from forests, recycled nylon & polyester, vegetarian leather, and organic cotton. In 2014, Stella McCartney launched Clevercare, an easy-to-understand, five-step labelling method, helping to educate consumers on clothing care and how to prolong the life of their favourite pieces.
Materials are the foundation of the brand’s sustainability initiatives. Forming the literal fabric of their eco-friendly mission, explore how they combine nature’s gifts with cutting-edge human innovation to create the most desirable luxury fashion. With their approach in textiles, a lot less waste is created, and probably the reason many fashionistas own at least one vintage Stella McCartney item.
To ensure the brand is always ahead of the game, regular audits are conducted to measure environmental impact. In addition, the McCartney label is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, which ensures the careful selection of ethical-renowned suppliers, as well as collaborations with several environmental conservation organisations and NGOs, including Parley for the Oceans and Wildlife Works.

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