About Brand

Stone & Wood is born and raised in Byron Bay (Australia), kept local and independent, brewing and bottling fresh beer in the Northern Rivers or NSW.
The brand has become earned a B-Corp certification, proud to be part of a global movement of businesses working to create positive impact in the world. For them, good means more than just the quality or the taste of the beer, and reflects how the brand fulfils a role as the local brewer and work with the environment and give back to the community.
The brand specifically runs a T Green Feet program to capture their commitment to being a sustainable beer brand. While focussing on reducing energy, water and waste, but also how they work with raw materials, supply chains, packaging and transport. The bottles and packaging materials are made from 70% and 50% recycled content, respectively, while their crew are bringing the brands’ waste-to-landfill rate to close to 5% by separating out 14 different waste streams at the brewery to ensure that they’re being recycled in the best way available.
Furthermore, Stone & Wood loves to support local fundraisers with beer and merch, sending their team into the community for volunteer days and running the Karma Kegs, where they donate a keg to a partnering venue and direct the money from its sales to a not-for-profit or local initiative. So far they have donated over $750,000 to charities.

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