About Brand

Sun & Earth us a day cream with natural SPF 30. It's a foundation, a sun shield and a moisturiser all in one!
Designed for all skin types & ages, Sun & Earth is for the whole family! Whether you're in the surf or the snow, at work or play, you need to care for your skin. The sun protector it's nourishing & lasting face cream made to wear in the elements to nourish, tint & protect your skin.
The ingredients include no nasty chemical fillers, just a bunch of naturally healthy and moisturising sources such as olive, coconut and cacao oils; high in antioxidants, wonderful for repairing damaged skin. Also zinc oxide, which is a known UV shield and has many ancient natural healing qualities on sensitive, inflamed or damaged skin. The beeswax is a natural waterproofing ingredient which means that their zinc will survive the surf, sun and sand!
The difference with other sun protectors is that you can be confident that the cream you are wearing is biodegradable and no toxic residue will wash into the oceans while you play.

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