About Brand

Sustain is the first brand of all natural, vagina-friendly essentials: from tampons, condoms to lubricant. The goal is to provide you with shame-free products for periods & sex, made with your body in mind.
The latex in Sustain condoms is sourced from the only Fair Rubber certified plantation in the world that makes latex for condoms. It’s also FSC certified, which verifies that the forest is managed with high environmental and social standards, so we know the process is safe and environmentally friendly.
Sustain period products are made with no synthetics, fragrances, or super absorbent polymers, only 100% organic cotton. While organic cotton is a more premium choice, the brand believe the value of worker safety, environmental responsibility, and protecting our bodies comes above all else.
As a B Corporation, Sustain is always looking for new ways to reduce environmental impact. Through offering alternatives to single-use menstruation products like the period cup and period underwear, the brand is committed to offering their community options that treat their body and mother earth with respect.

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