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Sweetwater's Guide Beer is on a mission to support outdoor guides, who have been having a rough go of it between environmental deregulation and a pandemic barring them from doing their jobs.
A portion of the profits from Sweetwater's Guide Beer goes toward protecting their livelihood. You might think that outdoor excursions — as in fishing, hunting, and river rafting trips — are overpriced, but calculate the costs and the guides who lead them are often barely breaking even. The founder used to work on charter boats himself and knows the behind scenes.
Sweetwater donates 11% of Guide Beer profits to "help fund projects that positively impact the environment in guides' communities." It's also a light, crisp lager that you won't feel (too) guilty about cracking at or before high noon. Guide Beer is made in honor of guides. Those men and women who lead us to swift waters, into the shadows of tall trees, and through the unexplored terrain of ourselves. It’s Sweetwater’s way of saying “Thank You” to a group of people whose contribution to society is both underestimated and immeasurable.

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Ethical Values
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