About Brand

At T2, they’re about reinventing and reimagining the humble tea leaf and sharing our teas with anyone who’ll listen. The brand is inspired by the people they meet, and the far-flung places they visit.
T2 gets a kick out of taking ancient tea rituals and reimagining them, bringing them to a modern tea table. Every cup they brew is a chance to make tea more enjoyable, more accessible and more experimental; it’s their opportunity to connect, understand and share with the world our love for a better cup of tea, every day.
Sustainably sourced tea: as a commodity, tea throughout history hasn’t had a great track record in caring for the livelihoods and prosperity of growers and pickers. At T2, they believe that people and community are the beating heart of what makes tea so special. In order for tea cultures to continue to thrive, the brand sources from suppliers that treat workers fairly, support communities, and contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of all people involved in bringing us this magical elixir.
The brand looks for teas, herbs, fruits and spices that fulfil a number of different certification schemes including Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Fair Trade, Organic and B Corp certifications.

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