About Brand

TerraCycle® is a social enterprise Eliminating the Idea of Waste®.
In 21 countries, the company tackles the issue from many angles. They have found that nearly everything we touch can be recycled and collect typically non-recyclable items through national, first-of-their-kind recycling platforms.
Whether it's coffee capsules from your home, pens from a school, or plastic gloves from a manufacturing facility, TerraCycle can collect and recycle almost any form of waste. The brand partners with individual collectors such as yourself, as well as major consumer product companies, retailers, manufacturers, municipalities, and small businesses across 20 different countries. With your help, TerraCycle is able to divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills and incinerators each month.
Get started by using the search bar on their website and tell them what you want to recycle.

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