About Brand

The Cheeky Panda® is known for their ultra sustainable 100% bamboo tissue & wipes.
The brand was created by two young eco entrepreneurs Chris and Julie in 2016, after a holiday trip to Southeast Asia where they were exposed to the fact that the vast majority of bamboo was not fully utilised. They decided to introduce to the UK and European market an ultra sustainable, skin friendly tissue made from 100% bamboo.
The brand want to bring sustainability to the mass market, in their own cheeky way, inspiring people to ditch the mundane in favour of products that fit a happier and healthier future! On their venture, The Cheeky Panda® has had great public support since birth.
And the future is cheeky: the brand is expanding their range and saving more trees in the process. Whereas they may be growing as fast as Bamboo, their promise is to maintain their essence as a family brand, creating eco-friendly alternatives for a better future!

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