About Brand

The Dharma Door works with fair trade artisans around the world to create stunning natural homewares and accessories.
From showstopping wall hangings to smart storage baskets, each item is made by hand – from start to finish – amongst the bustle of rural village life. By combining contemporary design, enduring quality and unfailing ethics, we create products that tell a much bigger story than just the item itself.
The brand provides consistent work to artisans which allows them to secure employment, fair working conditions and sustainable livelihoods. This in turn, provides financial security and the ability to educate families; access health care, and plan for the future.
Artisans practice a range of techniques – from traditional basket and handloom weaving, to the more modern crafts of macrame and crochet. After noting the craft skills in each community, founder Shannon then interprets what she sees into contemporary and functional products, designing from her home studio in Byron Bay.
Artisans work alongside other women in shared community workspaces. Sometimes they choose to work from home, where they can also care for their family and tend to daily chores. Although highly skilled, they hail from the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in Bangladesh, so access to education, training and health care has been very limited. By working with The Dharma Door, these women are breaking this cycle by using their traditional weaving and craft skills. Together with their NGO partners, they set the price for each piece based on the time it takes to make; intricacy of design; and the cost of the raw materials.

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