About Brand

A simple thought

The Organic Livings was created to design everyday garments and textiles in their purest form and therefore promote a healthier lifestyle for people while also being eco-friendly at the same time. Our line of products are based on the principle that our choices shall be thoughtful, mindful and compassionate. Each of our products are natural and made from certified organic fabrics, dipped in dyes which are prepared by carefully blending colors derived from plants, flowers, roots, barks and natural minerals. We strive to bring you closer to nature and thus contribute to your health and well-being.

The Organic Livings makes garments and textiles that are good for your body, mind and soul.


The Roadway:

The textile industry is one of the world's biggest polluters. The textile industry generates nearly one fifth of all industrial water pollution and uses 20,000 chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to manufacture clothes. So, we established The Organic Livings to offer carefully crafted products that are organic, clean and free of harmful chemicals.
We only work with sustainable and organic fabrics. All our fabrics come from GOTS-certified sources. We are conscious about our processes and only use Ayurvedic (Herbal) and Natural Dyes. We paint the fabric using the tones of nature.
We combine only the finest organic fabrics, pure natural colors, and the most comfortable and functional designs to create the purest form of clothing and textiles. Our products give you a natural feeling that helps you to be comfortable and relaxed while sleeping and being.
Returning to roots is both comforting and elevating at the same time. Our journey is a narrative involving all of our makers whose shared efforts culminated in a beautiful legacy.


The line of Products

“Sleep is like a golden chain that ties health and our body together” Said Thomas Dekker. We spend a third of our lives in beds. However, we don't pay much attention to our sleeping surface or clothing during this resting and healing time of the day. At The Organic Livings, we have chosen to concentrate on this important aspect of our lives. We let you sleep and heal naturally.
We concentrate strictly on pieces that are in contact with the skin for a prolonged period. Our brand is not a fashion label, but your everyday natural companion.
                                           “Look Good and Feel Good”

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