About Brand

The first-ever Scrubba was created with a single goal in mind – to travel further for less and with less.

3000,000+ Scrubba wash bags later we still have the same goal and we've continued to ask the question how can we simplify our journeys, making them easier, save money and reducing our footprints as we travel?

Since its launch in 2012 the original Scrubba wash bag has provided a convenient way for every type of traveller to pack less and clean their clothes anywhere (even in lockdown) in just minutes while saving millions of litres of water and tonnes of carbon.

Originally designed with backpackers in mind, the Scrubba Wash Bag has also become the best way to clean clothes for people on vacation, business travelers, and students living in dorm rooms or small apartments, campers, hunters, cyclists, kayakers or people going on cruises.

Whether you want to pack light, avoid hotel laundry costs, avoid searching for Laundromats, avoid potential hygiene issues washing in a sink, use less water or to have the freedom to wash clothes wherever you want, there is benefit of the Scrubba Wash Bag that will appeal to all travelers.

Long-lasting design - Scrubba wash bags are made from high quality nylon with a polyether TPU coating, making them lightweight but incredibly durable. All seams are high frequency welded to provide a permanent bond. The Scrubba wash bag is built to last.

Reusability and recyclability - We keep packaging to a minimum and use readily recyclable cardboard. For Australian orders, we have an option for no packaging, with the product shipped in a recyclable envelope. In the unlikely event of a backer puncturing their Scrubba wash bag, we have repair patches that we can send to get their bag working again and prevent landfill.

Sustainable materials - We use TPU in place of PVC, which has a much lower impact on the environment. Omitting dyes and bleaches from production of the fabric further lowers the environmental impact by reducing waste water and electricity usage.

From the beginning we committed to giving back to the most important 'ingredient' – water. Over the years we've been able to help Charity Water with several projects helping bring clean water to those in dire need. To date, we have donated over $60k to clean water projects and disaster relief.

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