About Brand

The Tartan Blanket Co. shares warmth with sustainable natural wool blankets, scarves & gift boxes.
It's not just a blanket. It’s a baby’s first “blankie”. It’s your early morning companion with a warm cup of tea. It’s an object of comfort. It’s your picnic spot. It’s a gift to a grandparent. It’s your nightly ritual. It’s a ‘feel better soon’ and ‘welcome to your new home’ and ‘something special for a special day’ all wrapped into one. It’s a hug made of wool.
The collections are like the traditional wool blankets and scarves but redesigned for modern living. Find many tartans, colours and styles to choose from, here’s something to suit every taste. Besides being comfortable, the textiles used are locally sourced wool and recycled wool, lamb wool and cashmere. This choice of fibres makes the blankets naturally hypoallergenic, insulating, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, odour resistant and biodegradable.
The Tartan Blanket Co. is an independent Scottish brand which also happens to give back to 1% for the planet. For each purchase a portion will go to charities helping protect the environment and community projects around the world.

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