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The toothbrush project, is a social + eco enterprise born to make Cambodian kids smile. The brand donates 100% of the profits to invest back in education and providing access to essential hygiene children in Cambodia.
In the country, many children don’t have access to education and lack of healthcare services. The cheapest food is lollies and sweets, damaging the teeth of children and adults. So far this brand has provided through your purchases over $22,000 towards the dental care of those in need throught a community-led program.
The story of Amber and Georgie starts with their trip to Cambodia, from their experience they came up with the idea to provide a long-term solution to improve the dental health of the children in this country.
They are able to do so by providing toothbrushes & toothpaste every three months, as well as access to safe drinking water & a sink to brush their teeth safely. They also run hygiene classes covering topics across all areas & employ locals, pay for their training to teach children, ensuring the education is sustainable. And all of those involved are provided access to a dentist for regular check ups & dental services as required.

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The toothbrush project, 100% to make Cambodian kids smile

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