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Urbivore is a word that combines urban + herbivore, and it’s meant to represent conscious consumers living the city life.
Just because we live the hustle and bustle of an urban lifestyle we can still do our part to live ethically and sustainably. Urbivore is all about holistic living. It’s a mindful eater, a thought leader, a practicing yogi, and a happy Buddhist.
Urbivore’s Cork Yoga Mat: it's made from cork oak trees stripped of their bark right in Portugal (the paradise for cork). Each mat sold donates $1 to support One Tree Planted on their endeavor to positively impact our planet one tree at a time.
Urbivore’s Macrame Yoga Mat Strap + Keychain: this handmade macrame yoga mat strap is a very sturdy, comfortable, and hip way to tote your Yoga Mat or Beach Blanket to and from class or the beach. The strap also includes brass swivel hook for your keys so you can leave your bag at home and have a convenient way to bring your keys along.
Urbivore Upcycled Cork Yoga Mat Carrying Strap: Urbivore founders tried to figure out what to do with their cork yoga mats that have a few blemishes and would otherwise go to waste, they come up with the idea of this upcycled cork yoga mat carrying strap. This comfortable cork yoga mat insert adds extra cushion and comfort for any user – making it a great upgrade to the conventional nylon carrying straps. And you get to support zero-waste! Fully adjustable and easy to use, this carrying strap will fit any size mat (Length: 105cm)
Urbivore extra Grip + Yoga Mat Cleaner: align your chakras with this extra grip mat spray! A few spritzes on your mat before each practice will stimulate deep breathing – raise your energy and relax your body. Because cork naturally contains a waxy substance called suberin, your cork yoga mat actually gets grippier when wet! For best practice spray on the parts of your mat where your hands and feet will be to enhance your grip and deepen your stretch. Made from aqua, essential oils and castile soap. We choose eucalyptus + peppermint for mental clarity, orange for some citrusy zest, and a dash of fir for a therapeutic earthy undertone. Because essential oils are infused with the essential oils of plants-there is an antibacterial action as well as an odor neutralizing effect! So feel free to use this spray as a mat cleaner to keep things smelling extra nice!

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