About Brand

The Very Good Bra is for you - if you’re searching for a truly zero-waste, toxic-free, and ethically created lingerie brand.
All their garments are compostable. You won’t find any polyester thread, nylon labels, synthetic elastic or spandex/elastane in these cute undergarments. This brand is different from other lingerie brands, because they actually use pre-sales to fund their production line. Meaning, they only create garments once orders have been placed, this helps to lessen overall waste.
Stephanie Devine, the founder of this zero-waste ethical brand, visits the family-owned factories in China and Hong Kong that manufacture these garments — she has a very close relationship with them as they too truly support her mission to create a low-waste fashion industry as well as fair working conditions for the makers.
The Very Good Bra underwear is made out of premium organic cotton, knitted and dyed (GOTS certified) in Australia and comes in one style (classic boy-leg brief) and three colors (Vintage Peach, Grey Marl and Black).

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