About Brand

The Whole Hoof is a small company with a big heart, aiming to become the UK’s creating premium ethical and natural equine care products.
The Whole Hoof’s all natural equine fly repellent – STOPS pesky flying insects of all descriptions be they the savage stable fly or the ‘average joe’, mozzie or mighty midge! (ssshhh… also has added benefits of having a cooling effect and improving coat health too).
Entirely free from DEET and other nasties and sourced from specially grown and selected trees. Really important to know, they are not genetically modified and no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used.
The process is transparent and eco-conscious. From yard to horse, somewhere in a field grazing on lush green grass your soon-to-be exceedingly happy horse awaits. Mist to de-fly and ‘MISTDFLY’ the flies TODAY! YAY!

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