About Brand

Yes® is a brand that was born, designed and formulated to safeguard your intimate health. Organic certification is their proof that all products contain only the purest, most natural ingredients that benefit you and our planet.
Yes® lubricants are free from harmful synthetic chemicals. This means that you need have no worries or concerns about what you are putting on your most sensitive tissues. Not only that, but you’ll find that their natural & pure formulations result in the kind of luxurious lubrication that synthetic products cannot match.
Intimate tissues are extra vulnerable to absorbing irritants and tissue damaging chemicals; buying natural products ensures you minimise your chemical body burden. Yes® products are based on plant products with proven pedigrees of healing skin and mucus membranes.
Yes® products have powerful moisture retentive properties, and actively nourish of the mucous membranes. It has a sublime consistency and is as nature identical as possible, therefore the product can be dispensed discreetly and efficiently.
The idea that started The Yes Yes Company Ltd in 2003 arose between two friends, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks. Having worked at Pfizer when Viagra was launched, they were aware of the need for effective products in the intimacy arena. What they discovered was a gap in the market for a pure and natural personal lubricant. So they set out to ‘change the world from the inside’ by creating a new concept: A certified organic, plant based natural range of intimacy products.

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