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Thrive uses natural ingredients to make genuine and irresistible food for cats and dogs.
Thrive was founded in 2005 by Anthony and Paul. In 1999, after 30 years combined experience making food for people, they realised during a regular visit to the supermarket that they couldn't find any REAL food for their cats and dogs. Determined to give their pets wholesome and healthy food, they committed ourselves to making pet food with the absolute best ingredients possible, without unnecessary additives, and communicating in an open and honest way.
They looked at all available manufacturing processes and decided that freeze drying was the very best way to preserve natural quality meats. Thrive dry food is completely dietary balanced and contains only the finest ingredients. Their wet tins for cats and all our treats are made with 100% meat or fish, are wheat and gluten free and contain absolutely no added colours, sugar or preservatives so you can be sure you are meeting your pets' dietary needs whilst keeping them in optimum health.
TThrive food and treats are tested by trainers, behaviorists and veterinary surgeries with consistently excellent feedback.

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Ethical Values
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