About Brand

TotsBots is an award-winning, reusable nappies and reusable baby wipes brand made in the UK.
TotsBots makes their cloth nappies and accessories from several fabrics, each with their own unique properties. The bamboo fibre is slim-fitting, silky-soft and super-absorbent. It’s almost as soft and as gorgeously squishy as a newborn baby’s bum.
On the other hand TotsBots uses waterproof fabric made 100% from plastic bottle waste. This results in a microfibre, with the highest liquid retention capacities around. Super-fine strands of polyester provide an increased surface area to attract water molecules. Due to the unique way in which it absorbs, microfibre dries incredibly quickly. It also stays completely soft even after washing in hard water. TotsBots cloth nappies can be washed at up to 60 degrees and you can even wash your newborn nappies in with your normal washing.
The brand sources its materials as locally as possible and manufacture all of the nappies and accessories right in the UK. In 2020 the company had to implement some pretty major changes in the factory. Planning ahead and to avoid disruption to supply, they decided to source some of our manufacturing for the mainland EU, with their trusted manufacturing partner in Turkey.
So that nothing goes to waste, the brand donate fabric nappies to Forever Angels and Watoto Kicheko, a baby home and orphanage in Tanzania.

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