About Brand

Triarchy's exists to outfit our customer with the best pair of jeans possible. The brand’s mission is to conserve our planet’s most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of our planet's most beloved piece of clothing, jeans.
All of their jeans and denim jackets are produced with responsibly made fabrics using a Tencel and Cotton blend, and washed with the most advanced sustainable laundry technology available. They prove and claim their sustainable standards through 3rd party resources by disclosing all of their sustainability data via GreenStory as well as exposing their supply chain via Retraced.
Triarchy uses reduced indigo with 80% less sulphates and completely natural dyes that reduce toxins coming into contact with your skin as is the case with synthetic dyes. Furthemore, the brand uses a combination of ozone, e-flow and laser technologies to wash their denim down in the most sustainable and responsible way possible.
The brand also recycle their cutting waste so that it can be made into new materials. The hangtags are made out of recycled paper; also the buttons are made from recycled metals, while their labels are made from recycled fibers. They send your jeans in 100% compostable shipping bags.

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