About Brand

Troo is a sustainable lingerie and clothing, ethically created with love.
The brand works with like-minded brands who source sustainable fabric and empower local craftswomen to create their gorgeous collections (aka babes…) your gorgeous babes. They are magical. Troo brings you the creations of young, inspiring designers who share their passion for slow fashion.
From the fabric to the thread that holds together the intimates, sustainability is top of mind. They have a personal relationship with the factories producing the lace and goes to visit them often to ensure that the fabric they produce feels soft and dreamy on your skin, but also to ensure that the relationship grows and their values on sustainability and ethical production is shared. Also, the company where the thread is sourced is based in South Africa and has a zero waste policy. They utilise solar energy from the warm South African sun and have since planted 1,000 olive trees to help offset their CO2 emissions.
The brand is also mindful with their shipping and all in-house practices, using recycled whenever possible.

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