About Brand

/tro͞oˈvī/: a lucky find; a chance encounter with something wonderful.

micro-batch collections designed in canada — handmade with impact & consciously chosen materials by master artisans in afghanistan, kenya & indonesia. at the core of each TRUVAI collection is a focus on the maximum positive social impact that can be made while using environmentally conscious & locally sourced materials.

the kibera slums collection is a commitment to sustainability & empowerment, offering artisans a pathway out of generational poverty while contributing to the cleanliness of their city through the upcycling of local scrap metal.

the celuk village collection preserves the dying art of traditional balinese techniques. intricately handmade with locally sourced mabe pearls & sustainable gold vermeil, each piece in this collection takes 5–7 days to complete.

the murad khani collection supports the livelihoods of afghan jewellers who have been cut off internationally for decades due to ongoing conflict, showcasing locally sourced gemstones set in gold vermeil.

TRUVAI offers a planet-friendly packaging experience — their jewellery pouches are made with 100% organic cotton & are biodegradable, while their jewellery & postal boxes are made with buckram paper & corrugated cardboard materials sourced from a FSC certified sustainably managed forest that protects animal & plant life.

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