About Brand

"Hi, we are Ulap: we think design!".

Ulap is an eco-friendly design company based in Trentino (Italy) with a wandering heart.

It's a real ecosystem, a family company that was born in 2017 to respond to a major goal: to raise awareness and promote Slow Culture on many levels and areas of life.

Ulap design products are conceived following a creation path that investigates the relationship between human beings and nature.

Ulap is a responsible design brand: We produce effective design objects, for aesthetics and functionality, and immersive, for the ethics that has accompanied us since birth and the resulting purchasing experience.

The watchwords in Ulap are:

  • Sustainability
  • Exclusivity
  • Human-centered / on a human scale

Who we are: Cris Tumedei and Andrea Pregl. Entrepreneurs and co-founders of Ulap, together in work and in private life. We have joined our forces and skills to create an ethical and sustainable company project to promote the slow philosophy.

The purpose of all this? Doing what is in our power to leave to others, and to our daughters (The Three Storm Sisters), a better world. And, one step at a time, we continue to go beyond the curve. Andrea is the creative mind behind all Ulap design products. He is the creative director and designer of the company. Cris is the strategic mind behind every step of Ulap. She is the brand strategist and marketing manager, but not only.

Ulap design values:

Ulap design is based on 3 key values:

  1. Eco-Friendly (we always choose natural and recyclable materials)
  2. Made in Italy (we work to create beauty and quality in everyday life)
  3. Slow Design (our aim is to give added value to products, based on ethical principles that translate into conscious consumer experiences)



slow, careful and projected towards the future of the product

Thanks to an innovative system developed by Ulap design, we are able to simulate the finished product exactly and test it even before its creation. Thus, we move on to prototyping only when the design object is ready to come to life.


always and only with low environmental impact

We choose easily recyclable and certified raw materials to ensure full respect for the environment.


Ulap design objects are easy to disassemble

This makes it easier to dispose of and recycle them properly.


local and neighbours

We rely on carefully selected suppliers. With them Ulap design creates a partnership made possible by sharing values and a growth project to be carried out together.

Ulap design: always looking beyond the curve.

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