About Brand

UMA INTI­MA­TES is a brand of Eco·Sen­su­al lin­ge­rie ethi­cal­ly manu­fac­tu­red in Bar­ce­lo­na with top qua­li­ty sus­tainable fabrics. Sus­taina­bi­li­ty is the root of the com­pa­ny and sen­sua­li­ty is the soul of its creations.

UMA INTI­MA­TES lin­ge­rie aims to awa­ken a woman’s sen­ses, con­nec­ting her with her inner fire through a sen­su­al design that gent­ly hugs the cur­ves of the body without con­stric­ting them. The lin­ge­rie arri­ves in sen­so­ri­al pack­a­ging infu­sed with Ylang Ylang essen­ti­al oil, a revi­ta­li­sing and ener­gi­sing flower that light­ly car­esses the lin­ge­rie with its deli­ca­te fra­grance. To inten­si­fy the sen­so­ry experience, a femi­ni­ne infu­si­on of Medi­ter­ra­ne­an herbs is included.

With UMA INTI­MA­TES lin­ge­rie, we aim to empower women by encou­ra­ging them to take owner­ship of their sen­sua­li­ty and femin­in­i­ty, an abili­ty that allows them to expe­ri­ence life to its ful­lest poten­ti­al.

“Our wish is that our mes­sa­ge rea­ches all women who also dream of a sus­tainable, sen­su­al and eco·femi­nist world that empowers us to live this life hono­u­ring who we are”.

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