About Brand

Universal Soul brings a cosmetic grade, vegan & biodegradable glitter safe for our oceans and animal friends.
Universal Soul's unique formula is made with cellulose film derived from eucalyptus trees, not plastic! Not only is it softer on the skin and easier to apply but their eco glitter is 100% compostable & biodegradable.
It's completely shelf stable and the degradation process will only begin in soil, waste water or compost where micro-organisms are present.
Traditional glitter is made from PET plastic and is considered a micro plastic which is harmful for you and our oceans. These tiny plastic particles are entering our waterways and being consumed by marine life. Our oceans are brimming with plastic which starts to absorb and harbor bacteria and our cute little fish friends think it's food. This makes them sick and eventually you. Universal Soul is your one stop glitter shop for eco friendly sparkle so you can shine with purpose, not plastic!
For the Universal Souls. Creators. Dreamers. Movers. Those who dance through life, shining bright from within & creating our beautiful existence with a little help from our shine. We are shiny souls, cosmically connected in this expansive existence we call life. We love everything and we Shine With Purpose.

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