About Brand

Uprising™ is a brand waging war against poor health and a broken food system. Only in United States, we are spending over $3 trillion per year treating the symptoms of this inflammatory food system. It's time for a food revolution ... At Uprising, they bring superfood staples to the masses.

Uprising’s weapon of choice, arguably the world's healthiest loaf + chip combo on the planet. Their foods are more like supplements than just sustenance but somehow it still tastes like heaven. Modern science + master baking = the new gold standard in healthy food!

This "ain't ya mama's killer bread"... they are food pioneers and the inventors of both the first "Super Breads" and "Freedom Chips”, leveraging modern gut science we combine superfood ingredients + very high amounts of prebiotic fiber + keto knowledge to make mouth-watering food. In fact, their foods taste like cheat meals... but they're not. Uprising range is like the Halo Top™ ice cream of the savory staples world.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, the brand are on a mission to help everyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle not have to give up enjoying real savory staples AND not have to settle for the inferior taste of diet foods. This is real food for the people! Plus, they are inventors of the first ever "toast cleanse" that is now sweeping the nation!

In summary, Uprising™ is a future-thinking "superfood bakery" featuring familiar-looking foods made in entirely new ways. Uprising™ foods incorporate both cutting-edge science and artisan baking secrets to transform seemingly simple ingredients into insanely delicious creations. Their clean ingredient foods are made without grains, denatured oils and preservatives, are both keto and paleo-friendly, high in fiber and protein and are shipped directly to the doorstep in all 50 states from their bakery in Detroit, Michigan.

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