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Potent plant-centered skincare. URB Apothecary wants to be the conduit for healing and radiance rooted in sustainability and herbalism. Like botanical gold.
Every product is intentionally made in her studio in Sacramento, CA and they place the highest importance on sourcing materials from only the purest quality fair-trade, organic, and local suppliers, ensuring that each product is not only improving the life of the customer but also being socioeconomically conscious.
Every product is made in-house by their very small team who pour their hearts into every batch. These are made with no small amount of love and joy and it is our deepest hope that you feel this and the healing properties of our plant-based skin and body care. In the range you'll find unique skincare products like the Cactus Face Polish or the Matcha Enzyme Mask. And of course every product in their line is 100% natural with no chemical additives, synthetic fragrances, or SLS. Only their balms and salves contain beeswax, every other product in our line is vegan.
The brand’s core ethos is to source as locally, organically, ethically, and as potent as possible. They work with small herb farms not only throughout the US but also right in Sacramento. Often by sourcing from small businesses, the cost goes up but it is absolutely true that the quality is exponentially higher and that shows in their products.
URB Apothecary works incredibly hard to reduce our plastic footprint. Their current pumps and mist sprayers are about 80% aluminum and the mask sample envelopes are 100% biodegradable and the labels on them are made from hops! The tubes used for the Lips Cheeks Botanical Tint are 100% cardboard with a food-grade wax lining and no plastic laminate on the outside. All orders are packed in unbleached, recyclable kraft paper, corrugated cardboard padding, biodegradable packing peanuts, water-activated paper shipping tape, and eco-printed thank you cards.

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