About Brand

We spend a third of our life at home so shouldn’t we care about what we surround ourselves with? URBANARA provides the world with beautiful, high-quality homewares in the finest natural materials. Made with love, direct to you.
“At URBANARA, we believe that living the good life starts at home. That’s why we combine the finest craftsmanship with pure, natural materials to make pieces that not only look beautiful, but help you live beautifully. We proudly stand behind every product in our portfolio, and make sure to never compromise on quality. Designed according to the timeless principles of style, these are pieces made to be loved forever, and make your home 100% you.”
URBANARA works directly with their suppliers, producing in small batches to minimise stock and deliver direct to your doorstep. By cutting out all the additional margins that traditional retailers add on the brand can offer you high quality products at up to 60% less than on the high street.

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