About Brand

UV Natural is an award winning natural-derived sun care solution, leading a reef-safe movement in Australia.
UV Natural provides effective sun protection and uses naturally derived ingredients and Zinc Oxide to protect from the suns harmful rays. Blended with natural oils and extracts that are also known as anti-oxidants, UV Natural helps prevent skin damage, while its natural oils enhance the skin’s texture.
After more than a decade of research and empirical testings the vision to formulate a commercially viable sunscreen, void of traditional chemical ingredients, UV Natural products are considered a major advancement in sun protection.
The entire range features vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe, FDA-listed ingredients. Suitable for all members of the family and tested to determine skin sensitivity. With a smooth texture, light pleasant fragrance, this is a clear easily absorbed formula, 2-3 hour water resistant. No irritating odours, no synthetic fragrances. No preservatives, natural smell of product disappears after 15-30mins.

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