About Brand

Vanessa Lianne Jewelry is everyday delicate armor, pieces that are meant to empower the women who wears is. Handmade in Brooklyn NY from start to finish using recycled silver and gold and ethically sourced stones and reclaimed diamonds.
Trained as a goldsmith, Vanessa Lianne hand-forges each piece of jewelry by hand in her studio. Her signature textures and palpable craftsmanship infuse the collection; the effect is delicate armor. Instead of serving as adornments, pieces become a native extension of the woman who wears them.
Vanessa Lianne is dedicated to using the most sustainable and ethical practices and materials possible. Metals are 100% recycled, all natural stones are ethically sourced and diamonds are reclaimed and sourced through vendors that adhere to the Kimberly process.
Vanessa Lianne jewelry creates pieces with an unmistakable heirloom quality—future keepsakes to be worn for a lifetime and beyond.

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