About Brand

VBITES™ is a plant-nourished, vegan game changer, a colourful machine that is helping construct a compassionate, healthy and sustainable world through taste, one plant-based VBITE at a time.
VBites are the leading makers of meat-free, vegan meat substitutes. Manufactured in the UK our products are distributed worldwide and no other 100% vegan company comes close in terms of range. Through their taste-obsessed research and development, the brand is focused on delivering a wide variety of delicious and healthy meat substitutes to satisfy the most discerning meat-reducer.
The brand has been in business for over 27 years and are continuously expanding with a vision to continue creating innovative and tasty products. VBites is a pioneering leader in the world of food technology, employing inventive means to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of food science, employing a huge team of passionate people. At their roots, they’re a vegan company. They care about the planet, our health and the welfare of animals, and that pervades everything they do, from the way they support small businesses to the choice of ingredients in the products.
In short, VBites’ mission is to deliver all of the taste and texture of meat, fish and dairy products, but without the harmful dietary, environmental, welfare and sustainability drawbacks of pastoral agriculture and fishing.

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