About Brand

No more slimy vegetables! Vejibag keeps vegetables crisp and fresh up to two weeks. Made in North Carolina with 100% US Organic cotton.
Ultimately, the brand sees that the small choices we make each day have a big impact. That’s why they’ve invented the Vejibag. It keeps all kinds of humidity-loving perishables fresh, crisp, and tasty for a week or more.
Vejibag founder Sally Erickson is a real salad freak. A greenhouse owner, Sally refused to insult her beautiful greens by selling them in plastic bags. Too many fresh vegetables turn to brown slime stored in plastic. She prototyped a fabric bag to pack her greens in. Sure enough, it worked.
The local food community in the tiny city of Eastport Maine jumped on board. It just made sense: no more slimy or wilted vegetables; no more wasted plastic. Within weeks, reusable, returnable bags became the new normal. The next step was a no-brainer: rally a group of creative, gutsy and seriously cool women and start a think tank to see how far such a wild idea could go.
Radical concepts started to fly around the room: Let’s create a vibrant local economy! Let’s insist on a healthy local and global environment! Let’s pay women well to work flex time at home! Let’s start a cottage industry! Let’s get everyone eating more salad! Let’s start the transformation, right here in our little town! And so they began. Vejibag. The end of rotten vegetables.

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