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Twist. Blend. Enjoy. Meet Vejo’s pod-based blender making organic smoothies, immune-boosters and more in just 30 seconds. It’s healthier living made simple.
Vejo portable blender bottle allows consumers to easily make organic smoothies and juices on the go. Vejo’s biodegradable pods are filled with organic freeze dried fruit, plant based protein powder, and clean ingredients. This product is great for anyone on the go as the blender can easily fit in a bag, backpack, or gym bag.
The mission is to create a lifestyle around healthy eating, sustainability, less food waste and the reduction of plastic waste. Vejo blender instead of disposable bottle; their water-soluble pods are eco-friendly and use no plastic! Naturally preserved instead of quickly spoiled!
The new pods dissolves completely in water and can be disposed of, for example, in the dishwasher without leaving any residue. The current pods are made from corn and other biodegradable, renewable materials. No plasticizers, BPA & Co. - toxic & dangerous components!

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