About Brand

Viva Cacao produces and celebrates delicious small-batch dairy-free chocolate using heirloom beans, healthy ingredients, superfoods, and ethically-sourced cacao.
Their chocolate is accessible, alluring, handcrafted, and affordable. The brand uses healthy ingredients, conscious business practices, that is on a journey to inspire, and to provide the consumer with chocolate that will do good and feel good in their bodies.
Their chocolate bars are all about superfoods like maca, lucuma, camu camu, carob and reishi (a medicinal mushroom). These special ingredients are nutrient-dense and are packed full of vitamins and minerals. These superfoods also act as an amazing vehicle for your body to access and absorb all of our chocolatey goodness.
Because Viva Cacao is a small-batch chocolate producer, each bar is activated with love, life and a sense of social justice and conscious awareness. The brand works with cooperatives and cultivators that value human well-being, better living conditions and environmental sustainability.
Their packaging is entirely plastic-free, compostable and biodegradable, made with FSC certified paper.

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