About Brand

Practising exactly what she preaches, Vivienne Westwood’s legendary label is setting an example to fashionistas across the globe by slowly transforming her brand into a sustainable masterpiece. How? Through adopting recycled and eco-friendly fabrics, as well as environmentally sustainable production practices.
Her latest initiative is one that embraces modern-day sustainability, using collaborations and catwalk events as platforms to create awareness, encouraging ethical fashion fans to protect Mother Earth.
Westwood’s collections have been created with great care to ensure the environment is impacted as little as possible. Besides using cutting-edge sustainable technologies, the garments feature sustainable materials such as silk, organic cotton, hemp, coir, tencel.
Vivienne Westwood’s continues to use the label’s voice to educate people on Human Rights and Climate Change. The campaign focuses on three areas; Quality V Quantity, Gaia and Arts & Culture.

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