About Brand

Volcanica Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster focused on exotic coffees. The brand is committed to offering only the finest quality ingredients from volcanic regions around the world. The mineral-rich soil from these areas produces coffee that is wonderfully aromatic and remarkable in taste.
Volcanica Coffee carries over 100 different coffees, including single-origin, estate, peaberry, and decaffeinated and flavored coffees. It's a family-owned business with all members involved in running the specialty coffee brand and importing the highest quality beans worldwide.
"Coffee has been in our family for at least two generations, starting when our mother and grandfather would assist in harvesting the coffee beans high in the mountains of Costa Rica. Our inspiration came from frequent trips to our homeland of Costa Rica, where we constantly enjoyed coffee with tremendous flavor. At the same time, we knew most people in the United States were satisfied with tasteless, bitter coffee and were unaware that coffee could be an exotic experience. This is why we started Volcanica Coffee, to focus on high-quality single origin coffees and help educate consumers about what coffee can truly be.”

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