About Brand

Purpose driven jewelry brand creating handcrafted collections highlighting the use of 100% recycled metals & post consumer stones and shells.
Washed Ashore was founded around core values of defense of the ocean and preservation of marine resources, community, education, and people empowerment. To them, sustainability is not a trend, it is a lifestyle and everything they strive for. The mission extends beyond the deep blue. By understanding that everything is connected, Washed Ashore is on a mission to be kind and humane to the planet and all its inhabitants.
There are two sustainable options when it comes to precious metals: fair trade and recycled. Washed Ashore handcrafts the jewelry the with recycled gold and silver. The brand believes in limiting the amount of new and raw materials sourcing in general.
In this sense, every gemstone and diamond collected are post-consumer stones that were extracted from vintage jewelry then upcycled and incorporated into their designs. Their pearls and abalone shells are sourced ethically as a by-product of the food industry and pearl industry, that wouldn't normally be given a second life.

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