About Brand

Waterhaul's founder, Harry Dennis, worked as a marine scientist for a project engaging community action regarding plastic pollution. To his dismay, he discovered that the brightly colored green strands of ghost gear were a familiar sight on every shoreline, from the Coral Triangle to the Artic Circle. Discarded or lost plastic fishing gear (aka ghost gear) is unfortunately abundant in the world's oceans, and the problem grows by 640,000 tonnes yearly. These high-quality plastic nets are the most lethal form of plastic to marine life. They keep on catching for over 500 years unless removed. Dennis decided to do something about it.

Waterhaul's eyeglass frames are made from 100% recycled plastic fishing nets hauled out of the ocean. The nets are unbelievably strong and thus make equally strong eyeglass frames. The company's well-built and stylish frames come with a lifetime guarantee. Moreover, the company has developed a circular production loop enabling old or damaged pairs to be recycled and remade into new ones. The frames are available in an appealing dark gray matte with a subtle fleck pattern meant to represent the origin of the material used.

Waterhaul describes an empty catch and hauling an empty net out of the ocean is a core part of the company's manifesto.

Ethical Values
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